Serentrix is developing a rich clinical pipeline of innovative therapies that address pain associated with Dry Eye, Irritable Bowel Diseases, Acute pancreatitis and Vulvodynia using a TRPV1 receptor antagonist that is free of adverse events commonly seen in other compounds such as hyperthermia.

All Ser series of compounds have successfully gone through systemic tox studies in animals.

SER-114 for Dry Eye:

Dry Eye Syndrome, inflammatory disease and trauma to the cornea are just a few of the many conditions responsible for compromising vision. Eye pain is a common denominator for many eye diseases and injuries. Surprisingly, there are no currently available drugs – not prescription nor over the counter – that safely and effectively control eye pain that are not also potentially toxic to the cornea and that do not delay wound healing. Delays in corneal wound healing can result in infection, scarring, and ongoing ocular inflammation and are potentially catastrophic to one’s vision and may ultimately result in the need for corneal transplantation or even blindness.

Our goal at Serentrix is to develop a topical treatment for Dry Eye that produces pain relief, reduces ocular inflammation, prevents corneal scarring and that does not delay wound healing.